Corporate Code of Conduct
• Seek continuous growth through sound business activities
• Develop and provide reliable, safe and high-quality products and services
• Respect humanity
• Comply with social rules, laws and regulations, and promote fair business activities
• Promote fair and accurate corporate communication activities
• Encourage environmental protection
• Promote activities that contribute to society
• Expand responsibility for our overseas business in tune with local and social systems
• Realize the role and responsibilities of management to achieve our stated purposes

Environmental Statement
Rogers Foods Ltd. recognizes environmental protection as a key component of sound business practices. We are committed to providing a quality product in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and minimizes our potential impact on the environment.

Privacy Statement
Rogers Foods ltd. is committed to maintaining and protecting the accuracy, confidentiality and security of personal information of its employees and individuals with whom it conducts business. See full Privacy Policy here.

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