Rogers Foods has been proudly milling quality flour and cereal products from Canadian grain for over 60 years.  With mills in both Armstrong and Chilliwack, British Columbia, we produce wholesome cereals and highest quality flour and grain products for home and commercial bakers alike.

The popularity of Rogers natural foods is a reflection of the North American trend to better eating habits. More and more health professionals are stressing the importance of increased use of natural products, more fibre and fewer chemicals in family diets. The Company prides itself on its many natural, whole grain flour and cereal products produced without the use of food additives.

Rogers Foods Ltd. produces and sells a variety of high quality “branded” and “private label” flour and cereal products for the grocery/retail, bakery/food, export and feed markets. Consumer products are distributed from the Rogers Foods plant throughout Western Canada and into Ontario. Industrial size bagged and bulk flour products are distributed throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

The Company is ideally located in that it can obtain grain from both British Columbia and Alberta farmers, as well as serve its two major market areas of British Columbia and Alberta.  While 85% of Rogers Foods Ltd. business is domestic, the continued growth of export sales to eight Pacific Rim countries ensures stability of sales of natural, nutritious, high-quality flour, cereal products and mixes.

Our employees and management are a motivated and eager team ready to accept the challenges of the future growth of customers, products and our mill. We encourage a continuous program of training as we position Rogers Foods Ltd. to meet international quality and sanitation standards to maintain our uniqueness and reputation.

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Thank you for enquiring about Rogers Foods products. The decision to carry certain products is made by the grocery store not Rogers Foods. If the product you are looking for is not on the shelf ask the store manager for assistance. The store may have the ability to order the item in for you. Please also consider using the grocer’s online website.

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