Field Hockey Canada’s Kate Wright Shares her Overnight Oats Recipe

Field Hockey Canada’s Kate Wright Shares her Overnight Oats Recipe

October 10, 2018

Back at the beginning of Spring, we interviewed Field Hockey Canada’s Kate Wright on why she chooses Rogers Foods when fueling her busy and action-packed lifestyle. Her insight into what it takes to be a professional athlete and remain healthy made us jump at the chance to get her to share her favourite recipe with us, Overnight Oats.

Kate Wright on the field in her hometown of Vancouver.

“There needs to be high quality carbohydrates in the snack, as training sessions can last up to three hours.”

With practices & training starting in the early mornings, it’s important for Kate to be prepared the night before, making this recipe an easy winner.

And when asked, why she chooses Rogers Porridge Oats?

“I choose Rogers Porridge Oats and Ancient Grains for this recipe because it is a combination of 8 different grains. This oat mixture contains 6 grams of protein/1/3 C which is crucial for keeping you full and it also has the added benefits of iron, which can be low in female athletes, and magnesium which is very important for recovery.”

With a wholesome blend of oat, rye, barley, spelt and khorasan flakes, oat bran, millet, flaxseed & quinoa flakes–it’s no wonder why Kate chose our #NotJustOats Ancient Grains Blend for this recipe. Plus, she loves to support a Canadian company.

What’s Kate up to now?

“I am currently in Europe playing in the Belgium Club League and representing KHC Leuven. The Canadian Women’s Team is centralized overseas and we are using our time in Europe to play in a high level club league while also training together with specialist trainers to enhance our skills and advance our team play quickly. In order to put what we are learning training into play, we are organizing a tour to Italy and Spain in November and a tour to Asia in the New Year. It is crucial for us to play games to continue on our pathway and to be fully prepared as we approach qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.”

If that’s not busy, then we don’t know what is!

Eager to check out Kate’s Overnight Oats recipe? You can find it here.

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