From the Field to Your Table with Rogers Foods

From the Field to Your Table with Rogers Foods

June 11, 2019

Rogers Foods has been providing Canadians with quality flours, oat blends and granolas for over 65 years. Today, with mills in Armstrong and Chilliwack, British Columbia, we produce wholesome cereal products including Porridge Oats and Granolas, plus the highest quality flour and grain products for commercial and home baking use.

Humble Beginnings

In 1951, Alfred and Pauline Rogers set up a stone mill on their farm near Armstrong in central B.C., initially providing flour and cereal for their own family’s use. Soon, neighbours came to the Rogers’ mill for their flour and cereal needs and the Rogers’ reputation as a producer of wholesome, no-additive flour and cereal products grew.

From Canadian Farms to Rogers Foods Mills

From the beginning, Rogers Foods has prided itself on working directly with Canadian farmers to source the best quality ingredients grown in a country world renowned for its agricultural practices. The Company is ideally located to obtain grain from both British Columbia and Alberta farmers. While 85 per cent of Rogers Foods business is domestic, which includes both commercial (wholesale) and consumer (retail), the continued growth of export sales to eight Pacific Rim countries ensures stability of sales of natural, nutritious, high-quality flour, cereal products and mixes.

Watch this short video with one of Rogers Foods Farm Partners, Hilton Ventures in Strathmore, Alberta. It discusses the importance of soil health and sustainability, plus their positive relationship between Hilton Ventures and Rogers Foods.

Rogers Foods Popularity in Your Home

The popularity of Rogers Foods is a reflection of two North American trends: i) to better understand where food comes from; and ii) to seek out all-natural flour and cereal products created without the use of food additives. Our Porridge Oats line, including Healthy Grains and Ancient Grains, has no added salt or added sugar and is incredibly versatile, from traditional oatmeal to delicious savoury recipes.

Rogers Foods Continued Commitment

From sourcing Canadian crops to employing Canadians at our mills in British Columbia, we are motivated and enthusiastic about the future growth of customers, products and our mill. We encourage a continuous program of training as we position our company to meet domestic and international quality standards to maintain our uniqueness and reputation for many years to come.

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