3 Reasons Why Porridge Oats Aren’t Just for Breakfast

3 Reasons Why Porridge Oats Aren’t Just for Breakfast

January 12, 2017

When someone says the word ‘porridge’, we bet the first thing that comes to mind is that warm, comforting bowl of goodness we love to start our days off with. Whether you add yogurt, hemp seeds, chia seeds or honey, Porridge Oats are always a good idea and leave you feeling full with wholesome goodness so you don’t get that 10:00am hunger hit.

Here at Rogers, we are constantly working on recipes and finding new ways to use our range of flexible products. Today, we want to share with you 3 ways (other than on the stovetop) to use our Rogers Porridge Oats.

1.Top it off with the good stuff.

Zucchini Crisp

There’s nothing better than a sweet and crunchy topping on a warm crisp, yummy pie or even a bowl of ice cream. Our Porridge Oats Blends offer a dynamic flavour & texture to create the ultimate tasty treat. We recently posted our Zucchini Crisp recipe (you won’t believe it’s not apple crisp!) and used our Porridge Oats along with our No Additive All Purpose Flour and a few other key ingredients to really add some wow factor to this already delicious dessert. Give it a try!

2. Let your side dish stand out.

Porridge Oats Pilaf

Yes, you can eat our Porridge Oats at dinner. It’s an unlikely combination but you will completely wow your dinner guests at with your out-of-the-box thinking. This Fruit & Grain Pilaf is made using our Ancient Grains Blend of Porridge Oats and takes on a bit of a rice texture once stirred in with the butter. Plus, it contains oat, rye, barley, spelt and Khorasan flakes, oat bran, millet, flaxseed & quinoa flakes—impressive!

3. Make the most of your muffins.

Porridge Oats Bran Muffins

Our most favourite alternative way to use our Porridge Oats is in baked goods. This Back-to-the-Basics Bran Muffins recipe uses our Porridge Oats Steel-Cut Blend. Because they are cut with a steel blade into coarse pieces rather than rolling them into flakes, the Porridge Oats mix into any recipe with ease while adding the goodness of wheat bran, oat bran and flax. They can also be pre-soaked with equal part water and let to rest overnight to hydrate and used in multigrain bread as the grain portion of a healthy and delicious steel cut oat bread.

Do you use your Rogers Porridge Oats in unique ways? Share your recipes with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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