ROGERS OAT BRAN is the outer layer of the oat kernel and is an excellent source of soluble fibre which is beneficial in controlling our blood cholesterol.

ROGERS OAT BRAN is the outer layer of the oat kernel and is an excellent source of soluble fibre which is beneficial in controlling our blood cholesterol. ROGERS OAT BRAN may be cooked and served as a hot breakfast cereal or used as a nutritious ingredient in baked products such as muffins, breads, cookies, etc.

• All Natural
• No Additives
• High Source of dietary Fibre

Allergy precaution: may contain gluten.

Shelf Life: 8 months
Origin: Canada

  • All Natural
  • Kosher
  • Very High Fibre
  • No Preservatives
  • No Additives
  • Made in Canada

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