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Berry Shortcakes

A mile-high dessert enjoyed with favourite ice cream or whipped topping!

Rogers Foods

3 Cups of Something Cookies

Here's the cookie base recipe - now go ahead and add what you love to make this recipe your own!

Rogers Foods

Powerhouse Muffins

Bran muffin recipe with pineapple, dates, walnuts and Rogers Wheat Bran & Germ!

Rogers Foods

Spicy Raisin Softies – Cookie Recipe

Spicy Raisin Softy Cookies - ….soft, spicy and laced with plump raisins. These chewy cookies are soft on the pallet and pack a light punch from the addition of nutmeg and cinnoman.

Rogers Foods

Sugar ‘N Spice Finishing Touch

We love this recipe for its versatility. Eaten as a breakfast granola, a snack or a yogurt topping, you’ll love everything about it!

Rogers Foods

Crumb Crust Lemon Cake

Who doesn't love lemon? This sweet and sour Crumb Crust Lemon Cake will put a smile on your face. Give this cake a try!

Rogers Foods

Mom’s Favourite Banana Muffins

Remember the smell of fresh banana bread right out of the oven? Here's a recipe for banana muffins that mom would be proud of! We've added additional fibre using our Oat and Healthy Grains.

Rogers Foods

Plum Coconut Crumble from #BakeLikeAPro Winner @JoAndSue

For a different take on your usual fruit crumble, try this plum-filled coconut crumble!

Rogers Foods

Cinnamon Tahini Balls from #BakeLikeAPro @HealthTranslated

Are you a snacker? To save the 'hangry' foraging through the fridge, here are some Cinnamon Tahini Nutballs to tide you over. If you're wanting a sweeter snack, toss in some chocolate chips. Created by Winner @HealthTranslated .

Rogers Foods

French Spinach Soufflé from #BakeLikeAPro Winner Naomi Lindstein

Don't be intimidated! This French Spinach Soufflé is a wonderful breakfast, lunch or dinner for the whole family! Serve with a nice green salad.

Rogers Foods

Pumpkin Challah from #BakeLikeAPro Winner Melinda Small

Top this Challah with a drizzle of honey or jam for a delicious and beautifully braided treat! Thanks to Melinda for sharing this fantastic Pumpkin Challah recipe.

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