Rogers Community’s VIP Kelly Neil Shares her Insights

Rogers Community’s VIP Kelly Neil Shares her Insights

August 14, 2018

We are excited to see our #RogersCommunity grow! Nothing makes us happier than seeing all the amazing ways our Rogers Community VIPs use the Rogers Porridge #NotJustOats blends! We sat down for a Q&A with Kelly Neil, Halifax-based Story Teller for Food Brands and one of Rogers Community VIPs!


Why did you start your business as a Food Photographer & Story Teller for Food Brands?

Kelly’s Answer

Every brand has a back-story and a reason why they exist. I currently write four food-centric newspaper columns for The Chronicle Herald in Halifax and, as I’ve gained experience interviewing subjects for my columns, I’ve realized how much I love storytelling and how I could apply the same principles to my photography.


What is your favourite aspect of your business?

What is your least favourite aspect of your business?

Kelly’s Answer

Favourite Aspect – Nailing a shot, that moment when you just feel and know that it’s right, is the best feeling.

Least Favourite Aspect – Riding the emotional rollercoaster of freelancing. Some weeks I am up to my neck in work, others there are tumbleweeds. I use the slow times to practice and spend time with my family.


How did you become aware of Rogers Foods Porridge Oats Blends?

Kelly’s Answer

I first saw Rogers Foods Porridge Oats Blends at my local grocery store and then started following them on Instagram. Not long after, Rogers Foods reached out and proposed a collaboration* which was really fun.


What are the top three ways you use the Rogers Foods Porridge Oats Blends?

Kelly’s Answer

For breakfast, we love them straight up as oatmeal with lots of maple syrup and cinnamon.  I  also like cooking with them, for example they are a great fibre boost for meatballs. And, of course, I bake with the blends in many recipes including banana bread.

*We worked with Kelly at the end of 2017. Here are the delicious recipes she created for us that can be enjoyed year round 1) Savoury Breakfast Bake and 2) Dark Chocolate Espresso Bark. During this interview, Kelly informed us ever since we worked together last year; she and Elodie (her young daughter) have eaten Rogers Oats almost every day!

Recent Recipes

Asparagus, Potato Salad Bowl with Ancient Grain Crumbles

Rhubarb, Raspberry and Apple Compote Crumble Cake with Healthy Grains

Beautiful Beet Nourish Bowl with Ancient Grains

Quick Cinnamon Cake

Granola Bites

Chia, Hemp and Ancient Grains Bites

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